Inquisitor Figurine
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I started with a bust as a test.

Katherine souza body process
Katherine souza fullbody turnaround
Katherine souza closeup
Katherine souza props
Katherine souza posed
Katherine souza review render

Taken into Marmoset.

Katherine souza coloredmodel
Katherine souza render
Inquisitor Figurine

I wanted to show my love for my Inquisitor Lavellan from Dragon Age that I sculpted a figurine for him that I hope to get 3D printed and paint up where he will stick out like a proud, sore thumb amongst my anime figures... But this was an amazing learning experience for me; definitely a labor of love. I learned so much about what is possible within Zbrush and Marmoset that I more than happy with the process and the results. Stay tuned for when I add photos of the actual painted print.

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