Trials of Enstia: Playable Race art 1/2
Katherine souza mery


Katherine souza fairy card art


Katherine souza nourourian card art


Katherine souza silvancard art


Katherine souza nourourian sketches

Nourourian explorations

Katherine souza silvan sketches

Silvan explorations

Katherine souza fairy sketches

Fairy/ Mery explorations

Katherine souza finalizish
Katherine souza zuthrani

Zuthrani shape exploration

Katherine souza silvan design

Silvan shape exploration

Katherine souza nourourian designs

Nourourian shape exploration

Katherine souza antlers

Primal Elf illustration

Katherine souza alt design lineup

Unused character designs

Trials of Enstia: Playable Race art 1/2

Some of the work I have been doing over the past few months for my thesis. There may be a part two depending on how much work I get done, but we'll see! This was my first time seeing it altogether and it's way more than I expected.

This project was a collaborative project with artist and game designer, Zac Bolubasz.

More artwork
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